Since 1996 REVGEAR Sports have been producing high quality fight equipment, Technical Martial Arts & MMA Apparel, Boxing Gear and a host of accessories that make Martial Arts and modern combat sports training possible at the highest levels of sports such as Boxing, MMA, Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as well as for martial arts clubs all over the world that need reliable equipment day in and day out.

Originally developed in Los Angeles California the REVGEAR brand has spread across the world and has been adopted by some of the world’s most respected coaches such as Erik Paulson (CSW), Rafael Cordiero (Kings MMA), Mark Dellagrotte (Sittytong), Karl Tanswell (SBG Manchester), Joey Rodrigez (Team Alpha Male), Eddie Cha (The Lab) and many others.  Professional fighters everywhere appreciate the innovation and quality of a brand that never rests and like the thousands of combat athletes in gyms worldwide that hone their techniques Revgear are always looking to refine, improve and evolve the equipment and apparel they provide.  REVGEAR Sports is the choice of a new generation of Combat Athletes everywhere including many of the greatest names in the sport today.

REVGEAR Europe sister to brings the world’s best Fight brand to Europe. With one of the most comprehensive inventories in the Fight Sports world REVGEAR Europe has boxing gloves, MMA Gloves, Protective gear, Fight Shorts, MMA Apparel, BJJ kimonos and a whole host of specialist pads, heavy bags, Kick shields and accessories, in fact everything you would want whether it is for your gym, academy or your personal training requirements.  We offer an excellent Wholesale MMA & Club Trade account program whether you are a small club or major retailer we can accommodate you so please get in touch whatever your requirement is. Contact us here