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Youth (Kids Fight Gear)


Kids Fight Gear has traditionally been a market many MMA based companies have shyed away from but in 2012 the launch of Revgear Kids Combat Series was a massive hit both in the States and in the UK; With the vast majority of the so called Childrens products available being generally of low quality and badly designed or simply small sizes of adult Thai boxing equipment it was no surprise that this well made and well designed range would shine in a generally under serviced market place.

REVGEAR YOUTH takes this to the next level with a new exciting range of products designed specifically with the needs of younger kickboxers and Mixed Martial Arts practitioners at the forefront of their design.  With a full range of boxing, MMA and kickboxing products this is a line any store or gym must have as part of their inventory.  Winning plaudits and admiration universally from multiple sports backgrounds the revised and revamped REVGEAR YOUTH line is ready to take Kids Fight gear to a new level.