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Your Trade Account Application

Thank You for applying for a trade account with Revgear Europe.
Every application is reviewed manually usually within 24 hours.  A member of the RGE Team will be in touch with you via Email shortly.

Part of having a trade account with Revgear Europe adds a subscription for you to our trade news letter so please make sure you confirm your subscription (which could end up in your spam filter)

Also please join our social media accounts to stay upto date with REVGEAR


How quickly will my application be processed??

Trade account applications are usually approved within 24-48 Hours

How much discount will I receive??

Standard trade accounts receive 2o% reduction. If you require a higher level discount this is dealt with in the application process which are available to larger organisations and retailers. If you know you require a higher level of discount on a first order please email [email protected]

Is there a minimum order level for a trade discount??

We set minimum orders for all the higher level discounts but for the standard trade discount there is no minimum.