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To Celebrate the new YOUTUBE channel TheMacLife I thought I’d give a little introduction to our man with the Cam Mr Colin Byrne of Shinobi Academy Lagos!

Around 2010 I’d started talking to this Irish guy Colin in Lagos, Portugal. When I first met Colin he was working on a project called “Surf Jitsu” I had started my first business a year earlier and so we had some synergies plus the place sounded cool.. sun, sea, surf and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Wow Heaven! So Out there I went…

After a fun trip to meet my new friend he mentioned this mate of his I should keep an eye on in the MMA world; even fired me his email in case we could hook him up with some kit from my new brand in the UK (REVGEAR)
That Guy turned out to be Conor Mcgregor.  I guess the rest may well be MMA history but Colin Bryne turned out to be an interesting dude.

Along the way in our Martial Arts Journey if we travel its road long enough we will meet some interesting characters, maybe some rising stars and some elder statesmen of the sports we do. Its a sport where if you are part of it and part of the culture you will sooner or later come across people who are tomorrows superstars, if you work in the business and want to be part of it then its a great place to work.

Colin Byrne is a optimistic, forward thinking positive guy who after a sports career in competitive cycling switched his hand to Martial Arts. Now in 2016 Colin has combined his love of Martial Arts, Social commentary, Photography and Videography into a creative martial arts melting pot following his friend and team mate Conor’s experiences as the new statesman of MMA as he prepares for his celebrated re match with Nate Diaz at UFC 202.

The YouTube channel the MacLife is a collaboration between Colin Byrne and Conor McGregor which shows the behind the scenes life of a Mixed Martial Arts Super Star; If you are a fan of MMA then this is one to add to your subscribers list but equally if you are creative and interested in the new media that rules the internet then this is also an interesting channel to watch. Always keen to support new artists there are original soundtracks, great videography and guest appearances from all manner of celebrities from Ronda Rousey to Ronaldo!

Colin has long been a fan of the Revgear brand and after 6 years of using the stuff we finally made the link work and brought him on board as one of our trusted coaches who alongside names such as Rafael Cordiero Karl Tanswell, Mark Dellagrotte, Erik Paulson and Chris Stolzman are there to help tweak, modify and develop the best products for use with top level athletes.