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The #RGE2016 Competition

The re launch of Revgear in the UK and Europe is a major move for us and I’ve been working very hard in conjunction with the President of the company Paul Reavlin on updating the branding for the European market whilst Revgear themselves have been pushing boundaries with new equipment, innovation all at the usual high end REVGEAR quality as well as their very popular Revgear university out in the states.
Top coaches such as Mark Dellagrotte, Rafael Cordiero and Erik Paulson have been helping promote Revgear in the USA for years but in Europe the brand is still very much new and its the coaches and gyms that make the difference so with this competition we hope to raise awareness of the many benefits of using Revgear equipment and trade accounts for your organisation and to mirror the huge success of the brand in the USA.
Please enter the competition and promote this to your students and colleagues; There can only be one winner but I think you’ll agree the level of the prize is worth a go; The competition is judged on multiple factors but interaction with the brand will certainly be one of them so please join us in 2016 and see why REVGEAR is the worlds best combat sports equipment brand.
Alex Wright
Revgear Europe
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