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THAI ORIGINAL SERIES – Born in the USA, Made in Thailand

Revgears all new for 2017 Thai Series is as authentic as it comes. Thai Original spent a full year in development The range was designed by one of Thailands leading Muay Thai Boxing Equipment designers then after samples were tested by Thai Boxing officianados with names such as Juan Cerventes, Mo Abdurahman and Craig Jose we felt ready to press the button getting production underway for what may well be one of the most eagerly anticipated new lines Revgear have ever produced!.

“We produced in Thailand once before for the Master Toddy range but this is totally different, its not a signiture series this is a full Thai line made in the homeland of the sport” Explained Paul Reavlin President of REVGEAR.

“We had a great contact in Bangkok who has worked with some of the most famous Thai brands in the world today” Says Alex Wright head of the European division.

“Thai Original is authentic Thai made gear using the materials most Muay Thai guys will feel comfortable with, the style is distinct and the attitude clear. We are following this up with an expansion of the Thai Shorts and including K1 and other distinct Muay Thai gear. The range is superb and rivals any of the native brands for both quality and style”

“We’ve had the gear with World class Muay Thai fighters and coaches, they all simply love it. The fact we’ve switched it to Western Sizes and used modern innovation alongside traditional style and materials makes this line a major winner. Retailers who wouldn’t look at Revgear before because they only dealt with Thai made product now all want it and we are certain this is going to break boundaries especially with K1 fighters in E ” Alex Wright.

REVGEAR’s S3 is very much its own glove and whilst some other brands are essentially producing copies of classics from Reyes, Everlast, Twins or Grant the #1 American MMA & Kickboxing brand has now produced a glove which is almost certain to become a modern classic in its own right with its own unique identity.

What The Fighters Say

I use Reyes and The Revgear S3 for Sparring nowadays and after many years of using different gloves I've been really impressed with the Revgear for comfort and protection

Jon Lewis Dickinson; WBC Cruiserweight International Boxing Champion

When we tested the S3 I noticed straight away how much slimmer it was than the older version which is perfect for smaller guys like me

HeInrich WassMer; Professional MMA Fighter

The S3 looks and feels great; These are going to be the go to glove for a new generation of MMA Fighters needing a professional level Boxing glove

Karl Tanswell; SBG Manchester

The S3 Represents a Premium glove that challenges for the title of the best boxing sparring glove in the world today``

Alex Wright; REVGEAR Europe

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