Revgear Sports sponsors Combat Athletes all over the world but before you apply for our sponsorship program please watch the video and listen to the advice of Revgear's Creative Director Alex Wright.

The range of programs available are designed to be right for the stage of career an athlete is at.  As Alex explains sponsorship is about building a relationship with a brand and usually happens over time, not over night.

Once you have followed the steps set out in the video and you feel this program is right for you please feel free to complete the form opposite. 

Please note that we gain a large volume of these requests and there may be a considerable delay between your request and a reply from Revgear Europe. 

Before making any sponsorship requests please ensure you have completed the following steps:

- You are actively competing within your sport.

- You have liked and followed Revgear Europe on Facebook, Instagram and Joined our newsletter.

- You are currently using Revgear Equipment and Apparel

- You can demonstrate a knowledge of the Revgear brand.

Fill out my online form.