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Say Nothing More

Revgear are famous for the line “Train Fight Recover Repeat” and known worldwide for the attitude that found its way onto the branding of Pro Gear for Pro Fighters so the new line of “Say Nothing More”  amidst the trash talk and hype in the world of MMA possibly propelled by the King of Trash talk Conor McGreggor captures the heart of what the REVGEAR brand is all about.

Wearing the apparel or using REVGEAR equipment in the gym, the ring or the cage is making the statement that you are serious about your sport, you don’t need to talk because you do, the hours of training, the sacrifice, the blood, sweat, tears and years of hard training are there for all to see… The new line for Revgear Europe of Say Nothing More gives the new generation of Martial Arts Fighters and Boxers a phrase that is sure to become a new signature line for fighters everywhere.

Team Revgear Europe has some of the best new fighters of a generation involved with Alex Enlund, Nathaniel Wood, Arnold Allen, Jon Lewis Dickinson and many more appreciating the genuine athletic pedigree of a brand that stands for what they do; their commitment to the sports they believe in.

REVGEAR……Say Nothing More