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Challenger a Hit for the Hangman Saul…

TUF Guy Saul Rogers excellent run in the Ultimate Fighter competition followed by the unfortunate anti climax of missing the final has had the whole of the UK MMA public screaming at UFC president Dana White via social media to place him on the London UFC Fight Night in February after an problem with his visa prevented the amiable Manchester based fighter from taking his hard won spot in the final of TUF 22 earlier this month. The eventual TUF 22 Winner; American Ryan Hall was beaten by Rogers soundly early on in the competition so the voices on this side of the pond are crying out to see what could well be viewed by many as the REAL TUF finale on the #UFCLondon card in February 2016 however Saul himself is just back to the business of training hard and preparing for 2016 or as he puts it #Saulbusiness

Whilst visiting SBG Manchester to do a little filming and promotional work on the up coming Revgear endorsed Padman series with SBG Chief and MMA Guru Karl Tanswell we managed to witness Saul training with the highly decorated SBG Manchester fight team; With Coach Karl having been a long time fan of the Revgear brand and now working with us as part of the development team and his team mate Matt Inman on our European sponsored list it was only a matter of time before curiosity got the better of him and for the Hangman to want to try out the kit himself.

Saul mentioned his older MMA Gloves were constantly hurting his hands after only limited training in them so we suggested the Gel padded Challenger MMA Gloves.  One of the features of the gloves is their instant comfort which was quickly appreciated by the TUF Contender after demonstrating some lightning reaction pad work with Essential Padman Karl using the Revgear speed mitts.

After some further investigation looks like Sauls another Revgear convert loving the Haidate Shorts too!

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