At Revgear Europe we understand that if you run a boxing or martial arts club, gym or academy you do it for the passion you have for the sport and that often it can be a tough path to walk.

Whether it be from a local sports hall or community centre, within a larger facility or your own establishment Revgear Europe has a variety of options to help you do what you do best....Train your students, coach your athletes and refine the skills of your fighters. 

As a Revgear Europe customer we can not only offer great deals on the equipment both your gym and your facility needs but a host of little extras to make life as a coach a little easier.

Whether it be substantial discounts on your gear, advice on fixtures and fittings, opportunities to raise revenue for your club, seminar programs and a variety of sponsor opportunities for fighters, be assured, Revgear Europe understands your needs and is there to help.

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