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Revgear UFC London

In September 2004 I was in London with my team to corner a fight at Cage Rage 8 and was fortunate enough to meet a man who was to become one of the UFC’s all time great Champions in Anderson Silva when he headlined the show against Lee Murray.  Twelve years on Anderson maybe will hope for some Deja Vu tonight against fellow Cage Rage Veteran Mike Bisping whose rise through the ranks of firstly the British scene including his pro debut at Pride & Glory 2 in Newcastle Upon Tyne where I first met Mike again in 2004.  Both these men and the sport of MMA have come a very long way in that time both worldwide and in Europe and guys like Anderson and Mike have done much to make that happen but here at Revgear we continue our policy of supporting top fighters both in the USA and in Europe and we are proud to have three of them represent us tonight at #UFCLondon, Mike Wilkinson, Arnold Allen and Davey Grant so we thought it appropriate to do a little on each guy tonight from a slightly different angle.

Mike Wilkinson has become a friend of ours since 2013 when he was scheduled to fight at UFC Fight Night Manchester.  He took the time to travel across the country to our base in Newcastle for a photo shoot and endeared himself to the whole crew with his honest Northern charm and by bringing his mum along to see our city.

We’ve followed his career ever since and although blighted with injury we feel he’s always been under rated since joining the UFC after losing his opportunity in the Ultimate Fighter Smashes show but making a successful comeback in the finale against fellow Brit Brendan Loughrane.  His record prior to the UFC of 7 straight professional wins with a mix of victory methods including his tricky submission game really tells a different story to the constant status as underdog in his UFC Fights.  Maybe after his encounter with Makwan Amirkhani who could only be seen as a submission fighter with most of his record coming from Submissions and only one TKO win against what was at the time a demoralized Andy Ogle people will see the Warrior Wilkinson in a different light.

Mike’s been using Revgear Equipment for the last three years and on many occasions has praised the quality and durability of the brand with the MMA sparring gloves and Pro Fight Boxing gloves being some of his personal picks.

Arnold Allen was introduced to us ironically via our American Team with a whole bunch of Cage Warriors Fighters presented to us as potential endorsed Athletes.  Arnold though was the guy who was a genuine fan of the Revgear brand rather than another fighter wanting some gear.  Weirdly maybe fate had a hand here as fellow CWFC and REVGEAR Fighter Alex Enlund had sung Arnold’s praises only a few days before the introduction.

Like mike our first meeting was actually at our Newcastle base to discuss his deal and do a photoshoot.  Arnold turned out to be quite a character and his personality will shine as he climbs the UFC ladder.  The very English MR Allen could be the architypical boy next door if he didn’t just so happen to have Ninja like fighting skills!

Training at Tristar Gym in Montreal Canada for his fight tonight we know Arnold will have arrived more than prepared for anything Meza could throw at him and we can only predict Arnie going 2 and 0 tonight!

Last but not least we have Davey Grant who we should have known for the longest being from my Native North East England but ironically even though he’s frequented our Newcastle store and many of the events I’ve also attended we had never officially met until introduced by his Coach in Manchester and Revgear enthusiast Karl Tanswell.

Davey joined our team after also moving camps to SBG Manchester and since changing sponsor he has been impressed with the quality of the REVGEAR brand and has commented publicly on the safety aspects of having better training equipment.

Having not fought since 2013 its impossible to make assumptions on what Davey will bring his record would point to him be a submission based fighter but under the expert tutorship of Karl Tanswell we expect to see a very different fighter since his loss to Chris Holdsworth in the TUF 18 Finale.

Outside of the UFC we must mention one more name today which is Nathaniel Wood who fights on a very important card also tonight in Dublin at BAMMA 24.  Wood is a highly rated fighter outside of the UFC in the UK and will be looking to move up a level during 2016 maybe to follow his coach Brad Pickett who also fights tonight at #UFClondon.

We extend our best wishes to our Revgear fighters and all the athletes fighting on these events tonight!

Its great to see that a whole new generation of fighters in the UK are choosing the REVGEAR brand as their first pick for their training camps and as the new lines arrive we see a fresh approach to an ever developing MMA and Kickboxing scene both in Europe and the USA.