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Revgear Sports – An American Dream

What do you think of when you think of North America?  Palm trees and beaches? Muscle cars? Dusty roads?  Think of them all as we took a journey across California to show the home country of REVGEAR sports…   When you think of Revgear in Europe maybe to date the message has been all about the equipment, the fighters and the history Revgear have had in the sport but in the coming months we intend to show you the country and culture from where the worlds best fight brand comes….

Los Angeles is a city almost everyone knows from Hollywood and when you are there it is really apparent how important the “Movies” (English Translation FILM Industry) are in LA.  Everyone is an aspiring star from the bars, the cafes and the restaurants to the beaches and the gyms.  Everyone knows someone… Its that type of town but the attraction of Hollywood also has made it a city of diversity and contrasts.  When Revgear started 20 years ago it set out to be a real martial artists brand and achieved that but in the midst of Tinsel town in many ways it became the solid hard working brand that so many worldwide avoided in favour of a little more limelight and often a little less honest quality.

In 2016 we will show the world the real people behind the brand who have help create and innovate whilst the style of the brand will take on its California Roots and show the world what it can be and where it came from.  When you have the masters of the sport such as Chute Boxe Legend and Kings MMA owner Rafael Cordiero, American Muay Thai Boxing Pioneer Mark Dellagrotte, All American CSW MMA Hero Erik Paulson and over 2000 hard working USA martial arts gyms using the brand that really matter in the USA then maybe the rest of the world should take note…. Its here to stay.

In the next few weeks we will share our experiences and joy of meeting some of the great people who made this brand happen and who are continuing to innovate, create and grow.  The two featured athletes Jeni & Henrick are typical of the honest martial artists who use this brand in their day to day training but when  you mix them with the best coaches of their generation creating the legends of tomorrow ask yourself if you wish to be part of this?

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