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Revgear S3 Boxing Glove (Sentinel 3) in Production

The Revgear S3 boxing Glove could well be the glove that truly breaks the popular American brand into the European market and whilst once upon a time company president Paul Reavlin could easily have been dubbed the Henry Ford of the Martial Arts and Boxing world making great quality gloves and equipment which you could have in any colour as long as you wanted black…. But the new S3 Boxing gloves which are an updated version of the Sentinel are in production with some surprising colour twists with Black/Yellow, a Royal Blue, Red & Grey and others all in the pipeline.

The S3 glove is a tweaked and improved version of the Combat Series Sentinel that was released in 2012.  The Glove has been a top pick in the MMA and Kickboxing Academies of North America but struggled to truly take hold in Europe until recently.

The design of the S3 glove is very much for Westerners use and unlike many of the gloves from Thai brands has a much more comfortable hand compartment for the larger stature of Western people allowing to make a proper fist which is now gaining popularity with the boxing fraternity here as well as with MMA practitioners and Kickboxers.  The padding still features the Gel insert which keeps its shape well and gives incredible protection to both the user and the training partner and has had some tweaks across the design including a very nice leather choice which is of the quality usually associated with gloves closer to the £200 mark than the Sentinels currently frugal £65 price tag however it may well be the new colours are what are going to truly stand out in the European market with a definite love of the more flamboyant here.