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Revgear Kids Range 2016


Revgear introduced the Kids Combat Series in 2012 with an emphasis on building a unique range for children between the ages of 5 and 12 years old which was high quality, durable but most of all focused on the needs of young people rather than just a scaled down version of an adult product or as it often is literally an XS size of an adult product.

The range was updated during late 2015 to include a 6oz Deluxe boxing glove with a perfect hand compartment designed to protect the growing bones of kids hands and also added three additional colours and a range of Muay Thai Shorts that are both great quality, vibrant, exciting, affordable and fun.

“We’d had a lot of success with combat series for kids in the USA and academies with big kids programs appreciate the protection the gear affords whilst remaining light and comfortable but the new colors are really taking off” Paul Reavlin; REVGEAR President

The attention to detail on the 8 and 6oz Kids boxing gloves is what makes them special and although made out of synthetics the breathable palm allows ventilation and keeps the price affordable for parents on a budget.

Revgear Kids Shin guards feature a double wrap around which makes them really easy to fit and most importantly they stay on.  Hook and look works well for adults but kids have not yet developed their calf muscles so the velcro straps make much more sense for younger children.

With more and more MMA programs developing for under 12’s Revgears junior MMA gloves are every bit as good as their excellent Amatuer MMA Glove with great padding up front and in the classic design whilst the headguards are light comfy and easy to get on and off.

Finally the Muay Thai shorts added at the turn of the year really round off the range and are much cheaper and easier to fit than MMA shorts.

The range is currently in four vibrant colors where you can go one color or mix and match!

What The Fighters Say

Revgear Kids gear is perfect for kids getting into the sports of MMA and kickboxing; its quality, affordable and vibrant

Pete Irving; BJJ Black Belt and MMA Coach

The Kids gear we get from Revgear is the best we've used

Anthony Franklund; Akurei MMA

We're recommending Revgear Kids gear to all our new generation at the gym

Saul Rogers; SBG Manchester

REVGEAR Kids series is one of the only ranges where the products are specifically designed for the needs of Children rather than a downsized adult product we recommend it for all our kids``

Craig Jose; Northern Kings Muay Thai

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