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Revgear’s Professional Fight Equipment range for coaches, athletes and professional boxing and martial arts gyms all over the world has been consistently one of the most comprehensive made by any brand in the combat sports world for nearly twenty years. Few other brands can boast the sheer depth of inventory that Revgear produce and whether its pads, kick shields, heavy bags, grappling dummies or one of hundreds of the useful innovative and durable products that you need you will he hard pressed to find another brand with the depth and quality of REVGEAR.

This blend of product range and quality is what has made Revgear Sports the first choice in over 2000 gyms across North America and since arriving in the UK in 2011 Revgear has been steadily gaining recognition for its honest day to day quality and durability. The list of top gyms using the Revgear brand to train world champion level athletes in MMA, Kickboxing and Boxing is far too numerous to mention but whilst others have concentrated on apparel and graphics Revgear have held true to their roots and principles to continue to create quality, consistent and innovative training equipment .

Over 20 years of research and development with help from some of the masters of the sport such as CSW Founder Erik Paulson, Chute Boxe Legend and Kings Gym founder Rafael Cordiero and here in the UK SBG’s MMA Guru Karl Tanswell has brought REVGEAR’s acclaimed professional fight equipment lines to this point and in 2016 the “Revgear Professional” Line represents the heart of the range the stuff that every gym, coach and athlete needs.

The Professional line is universal for any combat sport and consists of the pads, kick shields and heavy gear that every fighters gym requires to operate. Many of Revgears products within this line could be seen as under priced next to comparable quality products on the market but Revgear have traditionally sold their Professional equipment in bulk to Academies and Gyms worldwide and understand the requirement for equipment to be durable, functional and affordable!

Innovation is something close to the heart of the brand; just look at products such as the Thigh pads, Curved Thai pads or Mini speed mitts to see why REVGEAR is the #1 Equipment choice for professional academies in North America and will soon be so in Europe too.