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Floor to Ceiling Ball (7 inch)

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The Revgear Double End AKA Floor to Ceiling Ball is an invaluable piece of equipment for training reaction time, speed and co ordination. The Revgear version is a favourite of some of the world’s top gyms such as CSW, Kings Gym in Huntingdon, Sityodtong in Boston and Gracie Fighter CA to name but a few the quality of these bags is second to none. Made of the highest quality full leather this ball comes with “S” hooks and adjustable straps these are a great choice for your professional gym or home training set up.

There are a variety of methods and drills you can train with the Floor to ceiling ball; You should visit our Magazine site for drills and boxing tips with this product

* Durable leather construction

* S-hook and leather loops on either end

* Comes in 2 sizes: 7 inch and 9 inch

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