Revgear Head Guards are some of the best in the business suitable for Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Kick Boxing and Muay Thai. All the major styles of head guard protection are covered with open face, cheek protection and face saver versions all available. All Revgear Headguards are full leather , made to the highest standard and tested by some of the worlds top fighters, coaches and combat sports athletes. They are both comfortable, offer excellent vision and are extremely durable.

When choosing a headguard please consider both its main function, the needs of your sport and if it is to be used in a competitive environment as to whether the rules of your combat sport allow for it. Generally speaking a boxing head guard for sparring will be either the Champion or the Guvnor whilst for competition the Open face version will be more usual. Some head guards offer protection on the chin whilst some do not. All REVGEAR headguards are highly adjustable and fitting of the headguard is very important to avoid it becoming slack whilst sparring or competing.

Headguards are now becoming common place in Mixed Martial Arts with the Champion headguard offering cranial protection against downward elbows, over hand strikes and axe kicking making it an excellent choice for both MMA and Muay Thai.

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