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"I've been using REVGEAR since the start so it's special for me to now join the team"

Basic Information

Colin Byrne has been training martial arts since 1997, firstly in Ninjutsu, and then after attended his first BJJ class with John Kavanagh back in 2002 at SBGi in Dublin he quickly became addicted to mixed martial arts. Since then he has been training MMA with some of the top fighters and coaches in the world. Travelling to Thailand twice to train and fight as well as a blue belt at the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu European Championships gaining silver and bronze medals respectively Colin has worked consistently at a high level for the last 15 years in the sport.  Now a BJJ Purple belt, sparring partner of the Notorious Conor McGreggor and full time Martial Artist and head coach at Shinobi Academy in Lagos Portugal. Colin has used Revgear products since he opened the Academy in 2010 & we are excited to have him as part of the Coaching Team at REVGEAR EUROPE




Mixed Martial Arts, BJJ . Ninjitsu

Specialist Areas Taught

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Submission Grappling, K1 Kickboxing, Mixed Martial Arts

Notable Fighters

Training Partner of the Notorious Conor McGreggor

There are many stories in the Fight Sports world and many interesting characters but the story of Fighter, Coach, Photographer and Vlogger Colin Byrne is one of the most colourful and interesting you’ll find. Colin started training in 1997 after a cycling career where he had raced for teams in Africa and Guadeloupe in the Caribbean. At this time Colin found Ninjutsu with Brain McCarthy which was really what he felt he needed at the time taking his sports career in a different direction. After 5 hard years Colin got a years notice on doing a black belt grading that included 30 full contact fights: 10 striking , 10 judo and 10 grappling

Colin then decided to seek out a  specialist to make his preparations for his challenge ahead  where he came across the now famous MMA Coach John Kavanagh. Feeling an affinity with the ground game he turned up one rainy winters night and found a bunch of guys in a garage up a lane and got destroyed by everybody! After this he trained in and out with JK following him through all the moves and finally in 2007 after a trip to Thailand to train Colin decided to concentrate more on MMA and BJJ.

In 2010 Colin took a chance; packed up and drove to Portugal, after a year of legal wrangling he secured the gym that became Shinobi Academy. By April that year 25 people showed up for the 1st ever Shinobi MMA camp against the beautiful scenery of Lagos.

The Shinobi Academy in Portugal  has become a destination for top coaches and fighters from all over the world with top UFC Fighters such as Conor McGregor, Gunnar Nelson, Neil Sierry and many more attending camps there.

Recently Colin has become a full time member of the Conor McGregor Team travelling extensively with the Irish MMA Star. He’s the cameraman, editor and content maker for the hugely successful “The Mac Life” Website and Youtube Channel (Video featured below)  and has been documenting the Irish Superstars career now for many years.

Having Used REVGEAR since he opened the Academy in 2010 its fitting Colin now officially joins the RG Europe team too!