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Revgear Original represents the core sports that Revgear has always produced high quality equipment for; Boxing, Kickboxing and Wrestling.  The branding on Revgear Original is an updated version of the first logo used by the American brand when its founder Paul Reavlin started producing equipment twenty years ago in Los Angeles California in 1996.

These sports with the addition of Jiu Jitsu were obviously the foundations of modern MMA which in many ways is the sport that the Californian brand has become better known for in recent years but the “Original” line represents the heritage of Revgear with a classic style thats subtle, acceptable and enjoyable no matter which sport you practice.

During their lifetime all successful brands evolve and change with the times and Revgear is no exception; the Original Line represents both the brand heritage and evolution with a perfect blend of old and new.  The first professional boxing glove aptly named the “Original” glove has been updated and revamped with a new look and perfect quality alongside the brand new Original Thai Shin guards that are now being produced in Thailand by one of the worlds top factories.  The new Original apparel is a blend of traditional with modern combining typical Revgear high quality with classic style and athletic gym cool.

The Revgear Original line has within it Boxing gloves, Shin guards, head guards, Apparel and with many new lines planned for the months and years ahead its sure to become a firm favorite in both America and Europe.