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New Spartan III MMA Shorts in the Pipeline

Historically Revgear have made some of the best quality MMA shorts of both the Board and Vale Tudo style variety in the business for many years but have suffered from a lack of variety in colours and styles so albeit the old motto of quality not quantity has definitely been exercised it has also been a stumbling block in terms of choice that ultimately mean’t only the more discerning Mixed Martial Artists especially in Europe were wearing¬†the Revgear brand.

This is set to change with new lines of shorts in the production line with release dates of early summer scheduled and the hot news is not only will there be new colours but the excellent Spartan III lines will be adding a shortened version taking the leg up 3″ to bring Revgear’s super high quality lines to the ever fashion conscious European public. With the celebrated Sprawl¬†shorts all but disappeared in Europe now we believe its up to REVGEAR to hold the torch for uncompromising quality in the Technical Apparel lines for MMA Fight shorts and Cross fitter’s apparel.

The artists impressions below are just a sample of whats on its way!