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Muay Thai Saved A Life

Muay Thai Saved A Life


Some people will be thinking about losing weight or taking up a new hobby as a resolution in the new year, James Mason shows what can be achieved.

Weighing in at 235KG/508lbs, James Mason was told he would be dead in 5 years. James moved to Thailand and trained Muay Thai and ended up losing over 100KG/220lbs

This video is a great reminder that martial arts are not exclusively for people looking to become fighters and people of any size and shape can do it. Check out many of the great Muay Thai based products Revgear have to offer including the Thai Belly Pad and Thai Kick Pads (shown left)

Its quite often that Thai based fighters favour equipment made in Thailand but innvations by Revgear sports in the last couple of years particularly with the Defender Shinguards and Curved Thai pads have gainned a lot of recognition in the Muay Thai world as well as within the MMA community.
North east based Craig Jose has more titles in Muay Thai than most people have letters in their names and has been a solid advocate of Revgear Equipment ever since it was brought to the UK in 2011.

“Revgear is quality and much better than most the MMA brands who have tried to get into the Thai market over the last few years; I’ve been using their gear for a while now and its as durable as the Thai stuff; the defender shinguards are absolutely excellent” Craig jose.