Muay Thai Gear - Andy Thrasher

An all new line of Revgear Muay Thai gear, which started in 2016 with the requirement for a new Thai Shin guard for the discerning European Muay Thai circuit but quickly developed into a full line of equipment and apparel is set to launch this month in both Europe and North America.

The new Revgear Muay Thai gear line has been produced by one of the best factories in Bangkok, Thailand with a long history of making top drawer equipment both in leather and in modern synthetics which will put the American brands Thai made equipment shoulder to shoulder with the top names in Muay Thai Boxing with Chris Shaw, Mo Abdurahman, Dawid Zoltesek and Girese Kazadi all showcasing the new range.

The new line includes everything you might expect including specific Thai boxing gloves, Shins, Thai Kick Pads and belly pads as well as some of the sexiest Muay Thai shorts on the market today where an early run of the shorts were showcased by some of Europe’s top fighters at Duel Grand Prix in Newcastle earlier this year.

To help with development and promotion of the REVGEAR brand within the sport of Thai boxing in Europe a number of top coaches and athletes have been recruited into Team Revgear which includes former British Champion and WKA world title holder Andy Thrasher, rising star, South African Glory Fighter Mo Abdurahman and tough Englishman Juan Cerventes.

“I really think there has been a change in mood in the Muay Thai community in Europe and I think they are ready to accept a quality brand such as REVGEAR into the fold. The gear is as good or better than most of what comes from Thailand nowadays and having a brand who is there every step of the way and based in the same countries the community here is will go a long way for the sport here”
Alex Wright; Revgear Europe

In Europe, Revgear has announced an exclusive online partnership with well known online retailer Thai Boxing Store based in York, UK becoming the first none Thai owned brand ever to be featured on the popular Muay Thai Gear website.

With the sport of Muay Thai on its way to becoming an Olympic sport and the growth of the popular Thai Martial Art across Europe there is no doubt that this excellent line from REVGEAR Sports will be a hit with the Thai Boxing Community.