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Monthly Media Competition

Win The value of your RevGear apparel or equipment* back every month! TO celebrate the 20 Year anniversary of REVGEAR we launch a new monthly MEDIA competition where every month no matter where you are in the world!

All you need to do to win is post to Social MEDIA either a photograph or a video which includes Revgear in any setting, any context and way….Tag @Revgeareurope and @Revgear and the winner(s) are announced each month.

The Subject can be in or out of context, funny, can be you, can be someone else it doesn’t matter at all as long as it includes REVGEAR apparel or equipment. We’ll repost them all as we see them buthe Transatlantic Revgear Team will pick the best ones each month and send you your prize!

It doesn’t matter where you bought the gear; All prizes will be sent from Either Revgear in CA or REVGEAR in UK.

Get Posting #RGE2016

*The Winner receives a voucher redeemable with REVGEAR Europe or REVGEAR.com to the same value as the equipment shown in the image or Video. This excludes Heavy equipment and is limited to $120.

Winning images may be used in other REVGEAR Promotions with permission. ┬áDon’t forget to tag us at REVGEAR who knows where this could lead. Please be careful that when taking images or videos you have permission from any model or fighter.