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Make Money as a PRO Fighter

To Make More Money as a Pro Fighter might seem like a far off dream, perhaps no matter how many hours you spend drilling, sparring, doing conditioning and living the fighter life you are not seeing it reflected in your bank account. Unless you are lucky enough to be called McGregor, Mayweather or Gracie then chances are you could well feel a few extra Dollars, Pounds or Euros wouldn’t go amiss; maybe some free equipment from a decent Fight brand and some monthly supplements would save you valuable pennies and when you look at your fight purse that sinking feeling about the last 8-12 weeks hard work doesn’t quite match the feeling of euphoria your perfect fight record would suggest. In  short most up and coming fighters need some help in their career at one time or another and being a career path that you can’t really speak to the local employment exchange about then where do you go for help? In this Article we offer up some experience, tips and advice from people who have been around the sports of MMA, boxing and Kick Boxing for a long time and have an insight to what really makes this game tick, how to unlock it and how to attract the help you may well deserve.

Don’t count the days, make the days count.” – Muhammad Ali

Most Fighters once they are set on that career path are 100% focused on their goal of becoming a champion, hitting the big time and becoming the top guy in their weight class regardless of the actual sport but one thing they also tend to have in common is they have little idea truly how to get there beyond continuing in their training and improving their skills.  They very often follow coaches who have little more idea than they do about how to progress their career who are also completely focused on training in the gym.  I’ve seen fighters with excellent records who were undoubtedly talented go full length in a career that never really took off then go into coaching as they had little other option quite often lacking the business skills to truly be successful there either.

He can have heart, he can hit harder and he can be stronger, but there’s no fighter smarter than me.Floyd Mayweather Jr

To be truly successful in any path you must own talent, dedication and skill however this rarely actually guarantees any level of success beyond the admiration of your peers, it doesn’t matter how many Facebook friends you have, how many pats on the back you get or how many people tell you how great you are cos your bank manager doesn’t give a damn when you are deep in your overdraft and your bills are racking up at the door!; Jason House of Iridium Sports Management, Los Angeles offers some advice for up and coming athletes:

Be consistent. In your training, in your social media, in your nutrition and in your physical therapy, be consistent. The fighters that are most consistent, are the ones that are most successful. At the same time invest in others as you want them to invest in you. The fighters that invest their time, energy and effort in their gym, coaching staff, teammates, management & sponsors, etc. are the ones that have the most support from the people around them. While this may be an individual sport, it’s the people around you that propel you to the next level.
So Talent, Dedication, Skill are all necessary to succeed but that is only one side of the coin; The other is career planning.  If you believe Conor McGregor, Floyd Mayweather and Rico Verhoeven all got there by accident then dream on….. In the real world these guys were smart, calculated and/or had smarter more calculating people behind them in the form of management, PR, Coaching and promoters.

In the case of the gyms there is no coincidence in the fact that certain camps/organizations send fighters consistently to the big time whereas others are lucky to ever send one and it is quite often nothing to do with the quality of the training but the fact those gyms have a management structure, career plan, route map to success, links with the real industry and personal relationships with the people that matter in their sport.

The Gyms that do find one fighter who breaks through then have an opportunity to build and open that door for their next generation however its again no coincidence that few follow on and become one of those select few. This is again usually down to the structure and management of the organisation. John Kavanagh of SBGi in Dublin’s success is not an accident; not only did he manage to mature one of the greatest talents of a generation in Conor McGregor but has built a structural success in his gym with vision, planning and organisation which few match around the world.

The Knowledge you need to Succeed Get to Your Destination!
Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat. Sun Tzu

There is always more to being a real success no matter what industry you are in but to be a successful fighter in the modern world you must understand the industry you are in and its more common than enough to fail in this area to such as degree you disadvantage your chances of ever being the guy the big promotion picks!

You must be Talented, you must be skillful, undoubtedly you must train hard and you must WIN FIGHTS but this is still not enough in the Fight industry today so I’m going to add to a list of things here that WILL improve your chances then in subsequent articles we will start breaking these down and explaining how to do it!

  1. Plan your career; You need both a schedule, a plan and a route map….Understand the differences.
  2. Study your environment. Learn what it is your industry actually wants from you!
  3. Surround yourself with success; If the people around you are closer to where you want to be then you have a better opportunity. This may include coaching, financial and management success not only in terms of skill in the ring or cage.
  4. Build your image, brand and following.  Social media is a powerful modern tool be more than a prat with a few selfies! Have something to say or say nothing with power.
  5. Always look like a professional, always be professional.  To be professional is not about a rules set its a mind set.  Organisations will forgive a lot for a guy who is constantly professional and an asset; the winner who is unprofessional and pisses everyone off will be dropped the second he fails, the loser who keeps everyone on board will be elevated the second he starts winning.

Jason from Iridium adds in this little gem which I know if often over looked by fighters and applies to both their physical, mental and business life….

Always be ready. The biggest opportunities will always come at the most unexpected times. The fighters that are consistently in good shape and not too far off from their fight weight are the ones that will be able to capitalize on opportunities that arise.

So in this series of articles we are going to teach you step by step how to find the right people; gain the right deals and move the needle to where it should be. You’ll hear from industry professionals, managers, agents, promoters and brands. You can learn what you need to become the next Mayweather, McGregor or Verhoeven with a bank balance to match.