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Leeds Cage, “All Or Nothing 4″ Results By Darryl Ransom

AON 4 Results: Smith Wins European Title, Collins and Craven Claim Tourney Victories

On Saturday November 3rd Xercise 4 Less in Leeds saw a fantastic night of fights, put together by Faisal Nathani and the Leeds Cage Gym. The main attractions of the night were the 70kg and 77kg tournaments which saw the best amateur fighters across the country competing in a one night tournament. There was also a European 84kg title fight between 18-year old George Smith and Adrian Pociecha on a stacked night of fights.

70kg Tournament

The 70kg tournament kicked off with North East Top Team member Ash Griffiths facing Dean Martyn. Many predicted Griffiths to come out swinging and look to keep the fight on its feet. It was Martyn however, who threw a head kick early on and looked to strike with Griffiths. Martyn pushed Griffiths against the fence and achieved a takedown where Griffiths managed to trap an arm and pull of a superb armbar. Martyn resisted at first, but the arm was tight and he had no option but to tap or risk his arm being snapped.

The second 70kg fight pitched Grimsby’s Andy Craven against AVT fight member Mike Jackson. Craven came out very aggressive looking to pressure Jackson, not giving him an inch of space. From there Craven managed to pin Jackson against the fence achieving a big takedown. From there Craven managed to control the round and landed bits of ground and pound without causing much damage.

The second round saw both fighters come out looking to stand and bang. Craven landed a nice straight right before again looking to clinch with Jackson against the cage. From there Craven again managed to take Jackson down, however had to fight off a guillotine that seemed tight at the time. Jackson was very active off his back and had a triangle seemingly locked up only for Craven to manoeuvre out of the submission into side control. Craven then achieved full mount before briefly taking Jackson’s back before the close of the round. A close round to score with Craven landing a double leg takedown and Jackson nearly pulling off two submissions.

The third round saw much of the same and Craven managed to land another double leg and controlled Jackson for nearly the entire round with one reversal from Jackson. Craven did just enough to stop the referee from standing the fighters up.

Ultimately Craven took a unanimous decision and advanced to the final to face Ash Griffiths.

When both fighters met in the final Craven was able to land an early takedown and from there landed big shots to Griffiths, ultimately leading to the mount position. Griffiths gave his back where Craven landed more huge punches before cinching in a rear-naked choke for the victory and the AON 4 70kg title.

77kg Tournament

The opening 77kg bout saw AVT fight member and AON 3 winner Josh Collins square off against highly touted North East Top Team fighter Jamie ‘Boom Boom’ Jones. This fight was a barnburner and definitely a contender for Fight of the Night. From the opening bell both fighters came out swinging with Collins landing the better punches and vicious knees in the clinch. Jones showed a granite chin and fired back with punches that had cruel intentions, landing nice left hooks and body punches. Jones clinched with Collins, however Collins managed to shrug Jones off and landed some crushing knees to Jones. Jones went for a late takedown but it was too late and buzzer sounded.

The second round saw much of the same with neither fighter willing to back down. Jones attempted an early takedown however Collins was able to grab a hold of Jones and managed a takedown of his own into side control. Jones managed to recover guard and even landed strikes from the bottom whilst Collins rained down hammer fists. Jones briefly threatened with an armbar before releasing and Collins backed off before unleashing a jumping body kicked to his downed opponent. Jones was able to reverse position before a scramble saw Collins get back to his feet at the end of the round. The fight was tough to score after two rounds.

The third round started with both fighters embracing and went right back at it. Collins looked for the takedown but Jones was grabbing the fence. Referee Neil Hall deducted a point from Jones, who seemingly needed a knockout or submission to finish the fight. As Jones was on the ground Collins backed up, stood up and threw a Capoeira somersault kick to Jones, much to the delight of the AON crowd. Collins was able to secure mount, landing a few punches before the bell in a fantastic fight, greeted with applause from the AON audience.

It was Collins who prevailed with a Unanimous Decision and would meet the winner of Josh Layton and Stuart Davies.

Video of the full fight can be found here

Stuart Davies took the fight on 24 hour’s notice against Josh Layton and in the second round it ultimately told. Layton was able to pin Davies up against the cage and achieved an early takedown without many strikes being landed.  Davies threatened with a tight armbar but Layton was able to break free and worked ground and pound in side control before Davies regained his feet against the cage before executing a takedown of his own before the end of the round.

The second round was much more of a dominating round for Layton who landed hayemakers on the ground, before again being caught in an armbar that he cleverly broke free from for the second time. Layton was able to take Davies’ back and landed unanswered shots before Neil Hall stepped in and stopped the bout. Davies contested the stoppage, however it was justified as Davies was not intelligently defending himself. A good effort however considering he took the fight on a day’s notice.

The final was highly anticipated with both fighters impressing in their preliminary fights. It was Collins who started the aggressor and looked the better striker early on, landing significant body shots and backed Layton against the fence before disengaging. Layton fought back into the round landing some nice shots coming forward and a straight right that backed Collins up. Late in the round Collins achieved a takedown, ultimately winning the first round.

Layton started the better in the second round and landed nice leg kicks before Collins asserted himself and landed several counters before taking Layton to the ground. From there Collins was able to take Layton’s back and landed several unanswered blows, leading to a second round TKO stoppage win for Josh Collins and a second AON tournament win for AVT fighter.

George Smith superb, earns quick submission to win 84kg European Title

18-Year old George Smith made short work of Adrian Pociecha en route to a first round rear-naked choke victory.

Smith caught an early leg kick from Pociecha before Pociecha scrambled back to his feet. Smith clinched with Pociecha before landing a brilliant slam and taking Pociecha’s back. Pociecha escaped well and was able to work himself to his feet before Smith showed his Judo skills with a superb throw against the fence. Smith managed to work himself to Pociecha’s back once more and cinched a rear-naked choke that was tight and Pociecha was forced to tap. A fantastic win from a superb talent in George Smith. This looked like a sign of things to come for Smith and will surely move onto bigger and better things.

On the undercard there were wins for Rory Dolan, who defeated Jordan Colbeck by TKO in the first round with a dominant performance. Anna Zucchelli defeated Leeds Cage fighter Chloe Hinchcliffe by TKO in the first round, despite Hinchcliffe showing tremendous heart.

Adam Jackson submitted Scott Cole in the opening fight of the evening with a guillotine from the top position, and elsewhere there was a decision victory for Jamie Sheppard over Josh Martin, and a submission victory for Dan Hall over Chris Marsden.

Team Quannum’s Jordan Mccluskey was slated to face Lee Cage, however Cage reportedly asked for his show money (£300) before exiting the venue without the bout taking place. This unfortunately left a disappointed Mccluskey without a fight for the evening.

All in all however a fantastic event, which fans hope lead to a fifth instalment of All or Nothing.

As with every show the AON team provide the fighters with gloves. This time the chosen brand was Revgear provided by show sponsors FightstoreMMA.As always the AON team provide only the best quality gloves for their fighters, and the Revgear gloves went down a storm, some fighters even had Revgear gloves of their own so were very happy with a brand new pair! AON is fast becoming a force in the UK amateur circuit and its by working with big brands like FightstoreMMA and Revgear that they will continue to grow.