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How to Wrap Your Hands For Muay Thai

How to Wrap Your Hands For Muay Thai

When you first start training any form of combat sport that involves striking wearing boxing gloves Its important you learn how to wrap your hands using a quality cotton based boxing hand wraps. , it Methodology for wrapping the hands varies greatly from one fighter to another with a multitude of different methods which are based not only sometimes on how they were taught but also on the physical needs of the fighter.

Every person who uses a boxing glove and wrap will have differences in physique but one thing we all share is that hands and wrists are full of small bones which don’t always take kindly to being repeatedly impacted against hard surfaces such as pads, bags and especially other peoples elbows and skulls!  The art of wrapping hands for Muay Thai, Kickboxing and Boxing is something everyone who participates in the sport needs to learn.

We recommend trying a few different methods of hand wrapping and use the one which makes the most sense to your hands.  With hand injuries prevention is most certainly superior to cure; if you know you have weak wrists then use a method which wraps heavier on the wrist whereas if you need more on the knuckle then build your knuckle pad.  Its not unheard of to use extra long or even two sets of wraps if you know you need extra protection.

Former World Muay Thai Champion Andy Thrasher over the last thirty year has developed his own method of hand wrapping shown here on this exclusive video made for REVGEAR SPORTS.  Check out Andy’s method of wrapping which is perfect for Muay Thai and a good all round method for anyone who need protection whilst wearing boxing gloves.

Check out Andy Thrasher on REVGEARSPORTS.com and if you are in the Manchester area you can go and learn from one of the worlds best Muay Thai coaches at the Dog Pitt Muay Thai Camp in Bury!