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Fighter Sponsorship – Support For Athletes

Part of being in our team means you are representing the brand REVGEAR and part of that means we would like to see the brand represented both in the gym where you train and with your team mates. To make this easy and a great deal for your team
we can offer wholesale pricing to the gym you train in and to your coach who can either sell on gear for your team mates and make extra money for the gym or pass on the discount; We can set this up for you or your coach or both.

What really matters is not only do you get support in terms of personal equipment but your training partners can also benefit and use REVGEAR equipment too.

Some little Guidelines…..Try your best to:

  • Avoid being photographed or filmed without representing RG at least somewhere in your visible kit.  We try to work in a way that allows the Athlete to have enough gear to be seen using RG products at all times but we know when in camp you might get through 3 Tees and 2 shorts a day before wash day.  Try and have a clean tee and/or shorts in your bag if a photo op happens… Its not always possible but try…
  • Always wear REVGEAR when interviewed or being photographed for MEDIA organisations.
  • Post up your training, video clips and gym photos & tag @revgear and @revgeareurope as often as possible
  • Mention REVGEAR when you are interviewed

We know this is not always possible or straightforward; One of our Athletes running a VLOG managed to video interview Dominic Cruz earlier in the year and it was the one day his RG kit was in the wash…. Shit happens but try to avoid!

Media Two Ways
A Supported Athlete has an opportunity to get a wider audience for his own media as well as producing some for Revgear themselves. Its very much a two way street.

We work hard on building profiles of athletes we work with and creating opportunity for them as their exposure becomes ours… We have an Athlete section on our website and blogs where we try to raise awareness for them.
REVGEAR also have great contacts thoughout the sport which at the right time can offer other opportunities that athletes they may not have had access to otherwise.

Producing quality photos, video and material for social media is definitely helpful for the brand but also gives you the athlete greater exposure and more opportunity to get pushed up the bill on fight cards, gain other sponsorship opportunities and build their own fan base.

Whenever possible please not only post up on your social but send us the images/video in the larger original formats direct so we can use on REVGEAR Channels too!

Please Mail to [email protected]

Producing a VLOG or Video Blog once a week or whenever you can on a mobile phone or on anything you want is a really great way to keep your fans up to date with your career and at the same time produce something we can use for REVGEAR.

It doesn’t have to be a Speilburg Epic or have slick production just some chat about whats happening and a little footage of training or something significant to you, commentary on whats going down…  Whatever style you wish but its a great way of building fans.

Please remember to shoot always in LANDSCAPE so the screen is filled on a computer or TV!
Stay in Touch
When you have important events coming up or want to tell us about something in your career please please let us know; The VLOG is a great way of doing this but if you have a fight, seminar, BJJ competition or anything of interest booked why not tell us and we add it to a BLog article or post about it on social.

Please note: Its quite easy to miss posts on Athletes Social as the nature of SM is a rolling timeline so its preferable to inform us directly by Private message or Email about important events which gives us opportunity to work with you on content for them.

Don’t be afraid to ask..

If you need some help with something then please don’t be afraid to ask; Even if we can’t directly fulfil a request we may at least have a contact who can help you so stay in touch and if you want some form of assistance let us know. We’re here to help!