Juan Cerventes trialing the New revgear S5


Reviewing a single brand from the European distributor might seem a little disingenuous, however after a little deliberation we decided we could do this with a little help from our friends.

Revgear Sports over many years has employed the help of top coaches, fighters and experts in their field to aid in the development of what we honestly believe is one of the finest ranges of combat sports products in the world today.  Names such as Marco Ruas, Erik Paulson, Rafael Cordeiro and Mark Dellagrotte were integral in the early development days of REVGEAR in molding many of our products to what they are today. Over 20 years of testing, trials and redevelopment have gone into many of the items you see on this website.

Since Revgear Europe re launched in 2016 we have worked closely with our American partners and made many further developments concentrating on the aesthetics of the brand as well as developing completely new product lines such as the hugely popular S3 & S4 Boxing sparring gloves as well as an entirely new line made in Bangkok Thai land for Muay Thai Fighters everywhere.

Europe has its own World class coaches especially in the fields of Boxing and Muay Thai. RGE has been fortunate enough to spark the interest of Muay Thai world champions such as Andy Thrasher & Damien Trainor, current star athletes such as Arnold Allen, Jamie Bates & Andre Fili alongside new stars of the coaching world such as Eddie Cha, Owen Roddy & Tanunchai Rachadech.

Revgear’s own Alex Wright has been involved in martial arts for over 25 years and produced some highly popular honest reviews for his former company Fightstorepro.

So Revgear Europe has decided to team up with friends from all over the world of martial arts and combat sports to produce honest, reliable and no nonsense reviews of REVGEAR products.

As we cannot pretend for a second for these reviews to be completely unbiased we thought it would be wise to sert out the goals of how we will present the products.

The Expert Revgear review will include the following:

Range & Design
This will include an introduction to the product, its intended use and notes on what elements were brought into the design. This may include notes from the people involved in the design and development of the product such as Paul Reavlin, Alex Wright or others!

In the Gym, Cage or Ring…
The nitty gritty of the review will include a summary of its strengths as a product, the look, feel and performance. We will specifically be seeking information both written and video from our athletes and coaches in this section, so essentially you don’t have to take our word for it.

In the Market!
Our opinion of where the product sits in the market, competitors and why you should consider the product in comparrison to its nearest rivals.