Use our expert gear guides to make sure you choose the right equipment for the stage of training you are at. 

Choosing the right fight gear for the type of Martial Arts training you do might sound simple, but with the wide variety of sports we cater for and the often subtle differences between some of the equipment used we decided to produce a series of video guides to help you find your perfect training partner!

On the whole the equipment used between these sports largely covers most the equipment used in martial arts and combat sports training, the training practices may vary however the equipment to a large degree will be consistent.

Our Fight Gear guides all assume the watcher starts with no background knowledge of fight sports equipment and then progress through typical stages of their training career. 

Day 1 - What you need on your first day!
First 6 Months - Basics as you progress
Intermediate - Complete your kit bag as you improve
Useful add on's - Gear you may want to try as you progress

The Revgear Europe fight gear guides are not designed to be comprehensive however if you want a great place to start you need look no further for detailed and accurate information on the gear you need to train and when you need it!

MMA Gear Guide
Boxing Gear Guide
MMA Gear Guide
Muay Thai Gear Guide