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In 2012 Revgear released Combat Series which put together a distinct line of products specifically aimed at the Mixed Martial Artist. Distinctly a professional line the range and quality was excellent. It got loud and aggressive in the way many American based brands did at the time but in 2016 REVGEAR moves its entire MMA Line to Revgear COMBAT which turns from being a select series to the core lines of MMA equipment and technical apparel required by the modern MMA combat athlete.

One of the principal changes in the new COMBAT line is the removal of all the pads and more gym orientated equipment which has been standardized in its design and moved across to the new REVGEAR PROFESSIONAL line. COMBAT focuses on personal equipment used by the MMA practitioner and continues with its full professional line going against the tide of cheaply made poor quality MMA products flooding the European and US markets REVGEAR sticks to its core principals of functional quality whilst honing the aesthetic appeal of its now core MMA Line. With the continued motto of TRAIN FIGHT RECOVER REPEAT and a growing stable of top Mixed Martial Arts Athletes from both sides of the Atlantic it a certainty the popularity of the Revgear brand will grow with the Evolution of this line.