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Cody Bollinger Talks TUF – Revgear’s The Ultimate Fighter 8 Insider Blog – Episode 6

This week’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter 18 was by far one of the best to date. The fight between Raquel Pennington and Jessamyn Duke was incredible and one for the history books. I think it could easily be in top 5 fights of the year.

As far as Anthony “Sharkbait” Gutierrez goes and that night of shenanigans you saw on the show I’ll admit that I kind of played the role of babysitter / antagonizer. I made sure he didn’t do anything he’d regret or get kicked off for but also made sure he had fun. At the hooters pool party there was an open bar and he obviously took advantage of it haha one of the funny parts was him being so loud that Peggy came up stairs and screamed at Anthony that she will kick his ass if he doesn’t shut up and he simply replied with “Damn Pegatron, OK then!” I took him outside so he could enjoy his buzz and not piss off anymore people.

The spandex, let me just be clear that I did not wear those rainbow cheetah print spandex the whole show. Although they were sexy as hell I only wore them once courtesy of Sarah Moras. I didn’t know they’d get so much attention from people on social media or the camera but they definitely took away from the fact I shaved my amazing mustache which sadly no one seemed to notice. That shave was courtesy of Ronda which you’ll see in the next episode.

As far as the fight goes I really don’t know what else to say besides WOW that was a $25,000 fight and one of the best fights of the season, hands down. It was an all out war from start to finish and a shame one of them had to lose. The fight was back and forth the whole time and close rounds made it a tough decision to call but I believe the judges got it right but I might just be bias of my teammate though. In either case, the fight was one that highlighted the season and had everyone out of their seats. Rocky got to be the first fighter to be stitched up in the UFC Octagon which I was pretty jealous of! Rafael, why didn’t your elbows cut me so I could do that? Lol just kidding buddy!

The next episode fight is going to be a great fight and keep the season rolling with excitement.