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Alex Enlund Versus Rafael Dias – Pre Fight Interview

Revgear Europe fighter Alex Enlund (12-2) is back in action at Phoenix Fight Night in Bournemouth on Saturday night, looking to stretch his win streak to six straight victories. After some impressive performances and the acquisition of the Cage Warriors featherweight title, Enlund returned to the cage in August after a 9 month hiatus, submitting the durable Phil Raeburn with a second round guillotine.

This time out, the competition is world class as South Shields’ 145lbs sensation Enlund meets experienced Brazilian, Rafael Dias (17-11-2). Dias fights out of the famous Blackzilians team in Florida and has fought in major promotions such as WEC, Bellator and IFL. He has squared off against a slew of elite level fighters, and is the perfect litmus test for the surging North East fighter at this stage in his career.

We managed to catch up with Enlund to get his thoughts on this weekend’s matchup, with our questions presumably helping to take his mind off the weight cut as he prepares to hit the scales tomorrow afternoon.

Revgear Europe: Alex, you’re just a couple of days away from your return to the cage against Brazil’s Rafael Dias at Phoenix Fight Night. It’s a fairly swift return after your submission win in August – how are you feeling, and has the quick turnaround felt good for you?

Alex Enlund: I’m not getting any younger and feel like I need to try and stay active. The break between Naramani and Raeburn was frustrating at times. I want to test myself at every opportunity.

Revgear Europe: I know you spent some time training at Evolve out in Singapore for this one. Can you tell us a little bit about that experience and how it’s helped?

Alex Enlund: It was a great experience, the team at Evolve are amazing and always make me feel welcome, especially my long time training partner Eddie Ng who lives out there.

Revgear Europe: Dias is a very experienced fighter, featuring in the WEC, Bellator, IFL and more. How do you rate him?

Alex Enlund: He’s good and is highly experienced. I have seen a lot of his fights and his career has had some ups and downs but I believe he is a fighter and it’s what he likes to do.

Revgear Europe: Is this the toughest test of your career so far, and will this prove to the world that you’re ready to operate at the highest level?

Alex Enlund: I already believe I operate at the highest level. Dias is a very different test to many of my previous opponents and I look forward to the experience.

Revgear Europe: He’s training with the Blackzilians, an elite camp. Can you take anything from that?

Alex Enlund: I don’t think it matters, in the UK I have some very good training partners but on Saturday it will be just be me and him.

Revgear Europe: How do you see it going down?

Alex Enlund: I will walk away with another win on Saturday night. I see it being a interesting fight. I know what to expect from Dias and I know what he will expect from me.

Revgear Europe: Finally, what Revgear products have helped you through a hard training camp?

Alex Enlund: The Revgear stuff is easily some of the best products I have used for training. A lot of it still seems brand new despite being used daily for several months and some of my kit over a year. There are very few other brands I use now, the only other bit of kit I use is a pair of Winning gloves.

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