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Revgear: An Introduction by Chris Owens

While training in Martial Arts, Paul Reavlin CEO of Revgear became fed up of the lack of top quality training equipment, so he decided to design high quality gear that could be depended on to deliver quality and reliability.
Starting out in 1996, Revgear’s first clients were MMA pioneers such as UFC hall of famer Dan Severn and Keith Hackney. From there, the company has gone from strength to strength as their products evolving alongside the sport of MMA.
Revgear currently sponsor UFC Middleweight contender Ed “Short Fuse” Herman, who’s undefeated in his last 4 fights inside the cage, as well as two time fight of the night winner Nam Phan. The quality of the gear has led to current stars using Revgear in training; speaking at the 2012 UFC fan expo at the Revgear booth, UFC welterweight Dan “The Outlaw” Hardy talked about the equipment he is using:
Revgear Gel shin guards “Don’t move whilst sparring. They’re the only pair of shin guards that I’ve had that don’t move I usually spend a minute if the five minute round adjusting shin guards.”
“The Lace-Up 10 oz. are my favourite by far to do pad work in, because I hit quite hard and the Revgear Lace-ups give me a lot of support around my wrists as well and I don’t have to worry about getting injured during training.”
It’s not only fighters that use Revgear coaches also love the outstanding quality, one of the most famous and well known coaches in the world Rafael Cordeiro chooses to stock Kings MMA gym with Revgear
Rafael Cordeiro has coached some of MMA’s greats such as Shogun Rua, Wanderlei Silva, Fabricio Werdum and UFC middleweight champion and pound for pound king Anderson Silva.
Cordeiro who holds a black belt in both Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as well as over 25 years of coaching experience uses are the Revgear Gel Hand Wraps which offer extra protection during high intensity training with extra wrist support, Cordeiro said the hand wraps are quick and easy to use “less time to do wraps, more time to play” and as he says “time is money.”
Revgear delivers undeniable quality, which professional coaches and fighters alike are choosing to use; as it delivers superior Boxing, Muay Thai and MMA equipment, Revgear is truly professional gear for professional fighters.