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2017 Will Be Huge For Revgear Sports…

REVGEAR S4 Boxing Glove

For Revgear 2017 looks like a big year! Following on from the massive success of expanding the colourful Revgear kids range in late 2015, then the slick and stylish S3 boxing glove released in Mid 2016 these new product lines were always just the start but their success has paved the way for the multiple new lines of equipment that have fighter and coaches all over the world talking.

With one of the most comprehensive product inventories on the market, a major expansion of their ever popular professional lines, growing interest from Europe and now solid distinctions in their new lines for Muay Thai, Boxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu it would be fair to say that REVGEAR Sports are ready for the New Year ahead of schedule.

Over the last 15 months Revgear have gone through a process to completely revitalise its product range adding colour, flair and style to many existing ranges, returning to Thailand to produce its Original Muay Thai range and with a whole host of new lines and products in the pipeline that will almost certainly challenge for top place amongst their competitors.

The 20 Year anniversary marked almost a change of direction and thinking at REVGEAR HQ with the need to meet the demands of todays market plus the major expansion in Europe being a driving force in terms of product development.  Innovation and quality have always been close to the heart of the American Brands founder Paul Reavlin so adding in new lines such as a steel bar headguard for professional Boxing and a 3 inch thick full leather Boxing body protector which will undoubtedly be the first choice of top boxing coaches around the world its fair to say these are natural progressions for the Revgear pro gear lines but when you also add in the multiple colour options being added in MMA Gloves, shorts, rashguards and boxing gloves as well as new technical apparel and stylish clothing lines you know something big is afoot.


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu……California Style
Albeit Revgear have been involved in BJJ for many years as a brand they left the higher end gear to others for many years focussing on starter kimonos however in 2017 the California Grizzly puts on his black belt with a line of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi’s made for the top levels of the sport alongside a completely new BJJ line branding to suit the ever evolving Jiu Jitsu market. Its fair to say now that Southern California has its own BJJ Culture with many of the worlds top black belts residing there so REVGEAR have created a brand line that captures the spirit of the SoCal Jits movement.

S4 Boxng Glove
Laces….have not been a major part of REVGEAR although gloves like the Competition Boxing glove and Powerhouse are both excellent the emphasis has been on Velcro gloves for many years.  The huge success of the innovative S3 Sparring glove in the boxing community sparked calls for the Lace Up sparring equivilent favoured by Pro’s everywhere so in early 2017 we will see the release of the S4, a Lace Up Sparring glove with the same gel padding and compact design as the S3 but favouring the lace fastening and long wrist so loved by Boxers.

All in all there is many a reason to see that the REVGEAR brand will be The Fight Sports Brand of 2017 and is headed towards recognition world wide for being a leader in Combat Sports Equipment.