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20 YEARS of Fight Gear Excellence

Of all the many brands producing Fight Gear in the world today there are very few who can truly boast a level of pedigree in the business that REVGEAR Sports of Los Angeles California can.  Starting from humble beginnings Revgear have produced consistently excellent fight equipment for the sports of Mixed Martial Arts, Kickboxing, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and many other combat sports.

Unlike many of the more marketing minded MMA brands that flooded Europe after the meteoric rise of mixed martial arts mainly via what is now the worlds top promotion the Ultimate Fighting Championship Revgear has established itself through the professional academies and gyms of North America. The Californian brand is known by coaches worldwide for its rugged reliability and innovation in its design with products such as its shortened Curved Thai Pads favoured by top Brazilian MMA coach Rafael Cordiero or maybe the Deluxe Pro 7oz MMA Sparring glove which is designed like a competition glove however it certainly could be argued its merits have sometimes been overshadowed by more apparel based competitors some of whom it has even previously produced equipment for in recent years but now in 2016 REVGEAR is set to take centre stage and show the rest of the world why its been a top pick in professional academies for so long.

The list of fighters, Coaches and combat sports professionals who use/have used Revgear in their day to day training during their rise to the top reads like a who’s who of MMA with international stars like Fabricio Werdum, Nam Pham, Chris Leben, Renalto Sobral, Rory MacDonald, Ross Pearson, Nate Quarry, Gerard Moussasi to name a few.

2016 brings a whole new inventory to REVGEAR and gone are the Henry Ford-esque days for the brand where you could have any colour glove as long as its black….With new colour ranges in all main lines, Kickboxing Shin guards made in Thailand, new Cross Training Shorts, The highly anticipated release of the Sentinel “S3” Glove and a streamlined pads range endorsed by the UK’s Essential Padman Karl Tanswell as well as the huge success of the ultra cool kids ranges alongside a new generation of top fighters & Coaches in Europe now discovering America’s best martial arts  brand the stage is set for REVGEAR to finally  take the number 1 Fight Brand Spot and with a team of supported Athletes such as Jon Lewis Dickinson, Arnold Allen, Mike Wilkinson, Davey Grant and Saul Rogers representing Revgear in Europe the future certainly looks bright.